Caroline Holden

     Voice teacher and teacher of the Alexander Technique


Like many singers, I have had to overcome difficulties with my voice during the course of my singing life, and I know how physically demanding performing, rehearsing and studying can be. I always integrate the Alexander Technique into voice lessons, but can work with a student on just the voice, or just the Alexander Technique. Not every student needs the same thing or learns the same way; I do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to singing or to the Alexander Technique.

Since I first began performing professionally almost 30 years ago, I know how stressful it is to audition for an opera house, an agent, a conductor, a university program or even your local church choir. Using the Alexander Technique and my broader knowledge of performing, I can help prepare a singer for any audition.

Included you’ll find a podcast section of interviews I’ve done with artists and teachers who inspire me.  I hope they’ll inspire you.

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The voice is at once strong and fragile. It is not something separate from the torso and head, and will react to changes within and without the body.